We collect, purchase ferrous and non ferrous metals

Improving your house? Wanting to get rid off your scrap and make some money? Come and see us in Coufouleux  just between Albi and Toulouse!

We purchase:

  • lead acid battery ( from cars for ex.)
  • aluminum shredding
  • cooper cabling
  • cooper, zinc,brass
  • stainless steel
  • WEEE
  • and so much more but must be ferrous or non ferrous metals !
As we are allowed by the Prefecture du Tarn, we can take care of your old car ( End of Life Vehicule) by depolluting it and handling all the papers ( Prefecture) . No stress, we doing it all for you . All you need is your ID, the "certificat d'immatriculation" also known as "carte grise". The owner of the car must be present of course.

Do you have a large amount of scrap metal ( 3 t mini) ? You need a skip for free?
Mailto sas.dengasc@orange.fr or call us 05 63 33 70 72  ask for Niels


Our solutions

  • Weighbridge or scales for smaller quantities
  • Articulated bulk tippers
  • Rolonof trucks
  • Crane dropside trucks
  • Cuttings torchs
  • Cranes

Quality Assurance

With our commitment to the environment as expressed in the achievement of IS0 14001:2015 accreditation, we are committed to the environment which is a tough standard to accomplish, we pose no threat to the stability and cleanliness of our surroundings.
With constant monitoring and improvements we intend to build on our success in the future.